Are you ready to create time and space in your life so that you can attract a healthy relationship?

Are you ready to say yes to a life that you want but have replaced with being busy?

My name is La Shawn and I want to personally help you attract a healthy relationship by giving you the tools to shift your mindset, exercises to help you heal past hurts, and the tools you need to receive and give love.

Stop and read this before going any further …

“La Shawn helped me solve the root of the problem. She helped me discover why I was blocked and why I kept making the same mistakes over and over again in relationships. She helped me shift my mindset to attract and call in what I’m deserving of.”
-S. Williams

Imagine this:

Oh, and finally forgiving yourself for allowing bad behavior from men in the past.

Look, we know that - even though you haven’t found lasting love yet - you’ve still accomplished so many amazing things.

But, up until this point, you’re committing a laundry list of mistakes that keep you single.

Things like:

Anything sound familiar?


I know it’s hard to hear what you’re doing hasn’t changed your situation

Right now, you’re totally fed up with getting your heart broken, creating profiles on the newest dating apps, and even just dating in general.

You’re successful everywhere else in your life, except this - and you’re terrified your love life will always feel like a frustrating mess.

I’m not going to lie:

When it comes to dating, you need a major mindset shift - a complete reeducation, in fact.

And here’s the deal:

Sticking with your old strategies …

Like, where you keep using sex because you hope it will lead to something more or blindly ignoring red flags …

Will only keep you single and unhappy.

Ready to finally start dating the right way?

Introducing: The Dating Cure

A 10-week live coaching course that teaches you to release sabotaging behaviors in dating, re-energize your life and say yes to the love life that you always deserved.

Within The Dating Cure, we use my FREEDOM methodology to help you build the best dating and relationship skills that will enable you to find the partner that’s perfect for you. Here’s how it works:


listening to your friends or scrolling the internet looking for an answer - this is actual coaching!

That means - for better or worse - you have to get real with yourself.

When you fully participate in coaching, you experience breakthroughs through vulnerability and honesty. That vulnerability will help you move past heartbreaks from the past, allow you to look at your own mistakes and toxic patterns, and enable you to move forward as the best version of yourself.

Here’s what you’re going to get when you join me in The Dating Cure:

10 Weeks of Live Coaching - Join me on a live call and go through each module weekly. You can ask your questions and receive the support from me and others in the group.

Printable Program Worksheets - Use these to record your breakthroughs and questions

10 Module Course - There will be a new module weekly. In this course action equals breakthroughs.

Here is everything you will learn in my program:

Module 1: The Audit

We will examine your past relationships - not only with lovers, but also family - to find out how they may be affecting you in your current relationships.

Module 2: The Truth Serum

It’s time to get honest about your current dating life so you can see your blind spots and better shape the future of your relationships. Warning: this is where the breakthroughs happen!

Module 3: The Resolution Center

Here we will create space for you to release what’s holding you back from saying yes to all of your biggest and deepest desires - you get to have it all.

Module 4: The Love Manifesto

In this module we will help you get clear about your values, wants, and needs so you can truly understand what you want from a partner, relationship, and life.

Module 5: The Confidence Scale

We will explore all of the things that make you who you are, starting with where you’re at now in your fear state all the way through creating your new, confident self so you can receive what is inherently yours.

Module 6: Centering You

Here we will take a closer look at you and your needs to understand what drives you and what you truly need from romantic relationships.

Module 7: Love Scale

Get connected with your love language and dating style. Once you understand these secrets, you’ll have more fun on dates and be able to learn key things about your potential dating partner.

Module 8: Dating Scene

It’s okay to admit, dating can be very intimidating when you’ve been hurt before and you’re learning new ways to love. Learn how to navigate the current dating scene with confidence and class.

Module 9: Communication Style

How would life be if you could fearlessly say what’s on your heart and mind? Never feel guilty again for speaking up and stating your needs. In this module you will learn communication techniques that will set you apart.

Module 10: The Commitment

This is the week that everything comes full circle. We will have a overview of each week, talk about breakthroughs and get you ready for your next steps in your newly created ways of being in your life and around dating.

The Dating Cure Bonus

When you pay in full, not only do you get access to everything I just mentioned, but you also get a complimentary, 1 hour, 1:1 coaching session with me.

Use this time to help me understand your unique situation and get my personalized guidance on how to use this program and the FREEDOM technique moving forward.

The most significant breakthrough for me was shifting views about myself. I realized I was not being my authentic self, I was people pleasing and I wasn’t communicating what I wanted. All these scenarios combined caused me an inordinate amount of stress and exhaustion. After uncovering this and getting clarity around how I wanted to show up in my life, I began attracting different and more positive relationships. If I hadn’t gotten coaching, I would still be looking at life and relationships through a murky filter.
-N. Carr


I’m La Shawn, and I’m a recovered love addict, codependent, people pleaser.

I know joining me in The Dating Cure is a big step for you, so here’s why you can trust me …

For years, I pretended to be the perfect girlfriend I would look good, act perfect and use my charm to get what I wanted. I would be the support system, therapist and sometimes the bank. The thing is, I did these things in the hope that I would get a relationship in return. I didn't understand that these behaviors were pushing men away from me not towards me at all! It wasn’t until I started working on my own toxic patterns that I was able to see that I was the common denominator in all of my relationships and the reason why they weren't working out.

See, I found myself falling into the same relationships with men I actually didn’t want to be with. I would give my all and deep down I knew it wouldn't last - but if they ever disappointed me I would break up with them and that was my pattern over and over again.

This pattern repeated itself over and over until I worked out my own past issues and started loving ME … then I was able to attract a loving, mutually satisfying and reciprocal marriage that I didn't think would ever happen for me.

What came out of my healing journey was a deep desire to change the way women thought of themselves, and encourage them to connect with their highest self so they can co-create healthy relationships that lead to healthy marriages and or partnerships and enable their children to grow up in loving environments.

Today I am a Certified Relationship Coach with over 10,000 hours of coaching, I have completed specialized training and coached at one of the top personal development companies in the U.S. I am a alumni of the Goldman Sach’s 10K small business program, and I continue my development as a coach by taking courses and living what I talk about in real life daily. I take courses in communication, leadership, relationships, business, self development and spirituality.

Your results are my top priority, so I want to be transparent about who is and is not a good fit for The Dating Cure.

You’re perfect for The Dating Cure if:

You are not a fit for The Dating Cure if:

“My experience with La Shawn’s coaching was nothing short of amazing. We worked on actionable tasks - real things that I could do that would make an immediate difference in my life. She also helped me begin to heal my relationship with myself and forgiveness. There was a huge sense of relief in seeing how easy it was to find solutions without feeling overwhelmed or lost. My relationship with my boyfriend has significantly improved - we have a deep level of understanding, communication, and patience. I learned how to feel comfortable opening up in conversation, while also finding boundaries for myself. One of the aspects that I enjoyed the most from the experience was having a non-judgmental person to talk to. I was able to let out all of my emotions and get to the root of my issues beyond the immediate feelings.”
- A. Jones
“I came to La Shawn as a single woman who was thriving in her professional life. However, my love life continuously struggled. La Shawn allowed me to switch my mindset and try new things. We worked on my feminine energy, switching my mind to understanding that dating can be fun and an opportunity to learn what you want in a mate. I’m no longer trying to be chosen, but walking in this world looking forward to attracting the right person for me.”
- S. Richards

True love is waiting!

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